Where can i buy a Black DVI-I to Hdmi cable?

Where can i buy a Black DVI-I to Hdmi cable with Monster quality that is at least 1m or more for my EVGA GTX 690 with cheap international shipping? :heink:
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  1. Why would you require a DVI-I to HDMI? HDMI is digital, you don't require the analog part of DVI-I to work. Any DVI-D to HDMI will work.
  2. @bystander Ty i didn't know that :na: .... in that case a Dual link DVI-D will do just fine ;)

    @ko888 That looks like a great page ;) ty for the tip m8.

    But is there any high quality Dvi to Hdmi cables that carry sound without the use of those annoying converters :heink:
  3. edogawa said:
    Excellent cable: http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-HDMI-Adapter-Cable-Meters/dp/B001TH7T2U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1350689872&sr=8-2&keywords=dvi+to+hdmi

    This carries audio and has no signal loss attached to a 50ft HDMI cable.

    You're mistaken.

    The DVI (Digital Visual Interface) port on the graphics card does not pass any audio signals. It's video signals only.
  4. @edogawa

    It looks great :bounce: but it wont ship internationally and even if it did then Amash@t would probably charge me 45$+ for the shipping :pfff:


    Orly? :/

    I thought a HQ Dvi to Hdmi cable would work just like Dvi to Hdmi converter that carries sound.

    But then again i don't know what im talking about.... all these cables works like magic to me lol'z ;D
  5. Remember don't fall for the High end cable scam.
  6. LordTsar said:
    Remember don't fall for the High end cable scam.

    Lol yeah especially if it have Super or Ultra in the name :kaola:
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