My 7 years old gaming pc

Hello everyone!!I am upgrading in a few days my old pc and i want to share my 7 years old pc specs with you and tell me your opinion!

Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80Ghz

Asus 8600GT 512MB ddr3 (Republic Of Gamers®/LetsPlay®Series)

Gigabyte EP45-DS3L 775 Socket

Dual Channel DDR2 2GB 333Ghz Kingston RAM

Thermaltake TR-500PP (500w)

Seagate Bracuda 250Gb S-ATA2 7200RPM

Thermaltake Wing RS case

One simple dvd writer

Yes this build looks so crappy but before 7 years it was a monster pc :D

Tell me your opinion about my old pc and if you liked it! :D

Cheeersss :hello:
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  1. Before 7 years its best cpu.
    ok now the smps cabinet and hdd or used for new system.change mobo processor ram and smps. because smps is 7years old.cabinet is enough or want new look and usb3.0 in front u need to change that also.hdd used for backup.
  2. Dvd writter is ok.
  3. How much money u r spend to buy new just look best configurations in toms home page.
  4. i have allready decided what i am going to buy at budget of 310 euros

    AMD Phenom x4 965 BE

    corsair vengaince 4gb ddr3 1600 mhz

    corsair 430cx

    Asus hd7750


    all these for 310-320 euros
  5. you're better off getting a FX 4300 over the 965. thr 4300 is faster, and modern, while the 965 is pretty much 3 years old already
  6. the fx 4300 is 30 euros more and it is out of my budget,i started by budget from 250 euros and ended up to 310,i cant aford anymore.
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