I'm having a problem with my new system let me start off with the basic.
I moved in to a new 25000sqf warehouse and had a cat6 cable system put in with 4 switches that is used by 20 plus pc 5 printer a packaging machine, 8 cameras and 4 scan gun terminal.
Also changed over my pos system and a new system from that included scan guns and terminals.
All the runs to the 4 terminals are cat6 and under 300 feet long the problem I'm having is that only 3 of the 4 terminals will ever work when i have all 4 hooked up i get time outs on the scan guns and the terminal as well.

I have talk to the company i purshed from and they told me they need to be cat5
but the lines have been ran and are very high up and hard to access to test cat5 lines.

Any idles what to do to find the real problem with the system

If any one out there can help or need more info i can answer the questions
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  1. That cat5 crap is their way of saying "we don't want to work on finding a fix so we're only supporting our exact specs even though it will work fine with anything else".

    Does it matter which 3 of 4 are used, any combination of 4 will drop the connection? I mean could it maybe be the same 4th you are adding that is causing the issue? Lets say A,B,C work, you add D and it drops. Does A,B,D work? And if you add C to the mix it drops? Could be something in the wiring to the jacks maybe? Try different cables? Or maybe by-pass the internal wiring and try a long cable right from the POS to the switch?
  2. Thank you for helping
    yes that is what happens with A B C D when any of those are tried
    Just got an email from the company

    "The APs were designed and tested before the invention of Cat6. The restriction on Cat6 only applies if you use the Bias-T POE boxes."
  3. Do you have a spare network switch ? could try connecting the cat6 cable to the switch and then using just a short cat5 cable from the switch to the terminal to see if it is the use of Cat6 instead of cat5 that is creating the problem.
  4. Yup have a spare switch but now cant find cat5 anywhere
    was also thinking of using a 100mb switch to see if we shrink the bandwidth it wont time out what do you think?
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