What kind of video card can I put on this mb

So I have with this video card and what other video cards ( i want a 2gb or 1 gb card) may i put if any, because i dont want to waste the current vid card.
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  1. if you mean you want to get another GPU for crossfire, you will need to get another 6770 1GB. you can't crossfire with 2 different cards.
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    Yes you would need to get another 6770. You could use a 2GB card but in Crossfire you would only have access to 1GB.
  3. so my mb can handle another 6770?
  4. and have 2gb access right with both crossifired?
  5. You'd think that the VRAM from both cards would add together, but it doesn't. It just uses the power from each one, not the VRAM.
  6. Make sure you're 6770 comes with a crossfire finger to use a crossfire bridge, some do not come equipped with one.

    Maybe consider upgrading to a HD 7850 or Nividia GTX 650/660
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