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Hey, my gpu is the MSI 660ti OC. I have been wondering about why the gpu acceleration for sony vegas doesn't. At first I thought it was the program, but I decided to see how cuda works with other programs. I have downloaded benchmarks that work with cuda on and off, and I see no difference. Now I am worried that I cannot get cuda on my gpu to work. Any suggestions on a program that will allow me to verify whether it is a physical problem with the gpu by testing cuda? Or any suggestions on it in general would be appreciated.
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  1. I think some programs don't fully support Kepler gpu yet.
    If you have access to a gtx 5xx series or older, cude acceleration should work.
    Check if there's a patch or an update to support the card.
  2. According to the Nvidia website, anything built with the cuda software from 2.0-4.1 should work fine.
  3. If you go to the sony Vegas Website here:

    Look at the column on the right hand side it says this:

    "NVIDIA recommends NVIDIA Quadro for professional applications and recommends use of the latest boards based on the Fermi architecture."

    For some reason they think Fermi are the latest cards?

    I'm not sure if anything has changed but if you are not able to select it in the drop down then probably not. It has come up a few times now and I dont think it is supported yet...
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