Do you have to have the battery for the mother board in order to work also I don't have the wifi antenna will this stop my ps3 from working. The console comes on but doesn't give me a picture I tried putting it in safe mode and resetting picture but still nothing
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  1. The battery is only to retain date/time, so it shouldn't matter if it's in or not. The wifi antenna also shouldn't stop it from booting. The most it would give would be a connection error which you can bypass.

    No video is usually the sign that the graphics chip solder is coming loose and it needs a reflow, or the graphics chip is dying. No video on a PS3 is harder to fix than the Yellow Light of Death usually because the chip is dying. I've fixed probably close to a 1000 ps3's and no video is one of the hardest ones.

    Are you using the normal cables or HDMI. I've had a few system that HDMI worked and normal video didn't or vice versa. Couldn't fix them, but at least the owner could use it on 1 type of video or sell it as such.
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