Laptop display flickers at bottom

Three year old ASUS laptop with NVIDIA GeForce 9300 has started flickering in the bottom 1/2 inch of the display. I have done a complete system recovery, thinking it was caused by software interference, but it did not help. The bottom 1/2 inch contains the Start menu and tool bar so it is a major inconvenience and the flickering itself is annoying. Any ideas?
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  1. I have the same problem on my Asus laptop with NVDIA GeForce 9300 as well -- it's been going on for some time now starting with just a single line beneath the toolbar and has since increased to about 1/4". Is this indicative of the display going bad?
  2. My Asus has just started doing this as well. I've noticed that it seems to do it when the screen is pushed further back, so wondering if it's something to do with a connection?
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