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I had recently purchased a XFX Radeon HD 7850 1GB Core edition graphics card. My computer is sitting on my carpeted floor.
My temperatures are idling at 36+ degrees. The benchmarks show that it should idle about 30 degrees. What are your opinions about the cause of the higher temps?

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  1. I guess it may be for the temps in your room or something and that those temps are not alarming, i think you should look for the temps of the card under heavy loads of work.
  2. Thirty-six Celsius is perfectly acceptable, you can lower your temperatures by lowering your room ambient temperature and increasing airflow through your case. Temperatures will always fluctuate, so don't worry.

    You can always manually increase fans to a higher velocity if you want, but you don't need to. Graphic cards can handle a lot of heat, so it idling at that temperature is nothing to worry over.
  3. Thanks for the feed back it has been helpful. When I last ran the card through the Heaven benchmark 3.0, the max temperature reached about 78 or 79 degrees C. Does that sound okay for this card?
  4. I'd also like to know that. My XFX Double D 7870 at 1000mhz clock and 1200mhz memory (factory defaults) hits 75c when doing Furmark bench test and when I over clock to 1100mhz and 1250mhz memory it hit 86c. Are these temperatures safe for Furmark 15 min burn in benchmark test?

    Thanks for any replies.
  5. 86c is not safe for a graphics card, from what I know. It is best to leave a card at stock speeds if you seem to be getting higher than desirable temperatures.
  6. i have GIGABYTE OC 7850
    my clock 975/1200 ... Voltage 1.165
    my idle temps are 36-40C
    with load less than 67-70C
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