Monitor Resolution Troubles :(

Hey there :)

I just picked up a semi-used gaming computer but I am having trouble with my monitor, I have a a brand new 39" Haier LCD TV and I am trying it as a monitor via the VGA port. problem is when ever a set the resolution to anything other than 800x600 I lose >60% of the image.

real problem is I cant tell if it is the PC or the monitor because the PC works on my other two monitors (17' & 42") and the 42" monitor works fine with both of my other PC's.

Any ideas :/ ?????

CPU; AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+

GPU: 256MB GeForce 7600 GT (EVGA)


OS: Windows 7 32 bit

Thanks a Bundle :)
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  1. Try changing the refresh rate and play with the aspect ratios.

    What is the max supported resolution of your TV?
  2. The TV's native setting is 1920x1080.

    It won't allow me to change the refresh rate to anything other than 60Hz.
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