How to play fifa 12 without graphic card

i have amd semptron processor and 2gb ram with direct x 9.iam able to play fifa 2012 but it get stuck frequently bcz of graphics.what can i do?
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  1. Upgrade :)
  2. Cheapest Way for you is, get a ball, 21 friends and go outside to play football. :P

    If you want to play it on a monitor/tv then yeah you are looking to an upgrade or a console.
  3. This is like asking, "my car only has one wheel but I want to drive it, what should I do?". The answer is get 3 more wheels. Just like here the answer is get a system that meets the minimum requirements for the game.
  4. set the resolution super low, or buy a better computer like this:
  5. Yeah, buy a graphics card :)
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