Computer Crash, Lines Across Screen

So, I have had this computer for about a month now, and just a couple days ago I have been getting this problem. When playing a game the display crashes to a screen of vertical lines and after a few seconds the sound stops as well. I have to restart my computer to fix it. I have normally been having this problem about once a day and it is pretty random. Normally when it happens, I am alt tabbing back into a game, but sometimes it has happened where I am just playing normally and it crashes. I have the most updated drivers and overheating is not an issue. I have my CPU overclocked to 4.2ghz and my GPU overclocked as well. I am trying without my GPU overclock but since it happens randomly it is hard to tell whether that is fixing the problem.

I have an idea that the problem is related to either a bad PSU or a bad GPU. I do not think it is because of my CPU or its overclock but I could be wrong.

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB
RAM: Ripjaw G-Skill 8GB
Power Supply: Corsair 650w
Case: Coolermaste HAF X
Heatsink: Thermaltake Frio
HD: Western Digital 1TB
SSD: Samsung 830 Series 128GB
DVD Drive: Asus 24xDVD-RW

Picture of Screen:
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  2. Check out MyPcBackup! It is a easy, fast program that will backup your whole computer. If your compuer happens to crash, at least save your files. I don't know why the screen does that, but I had a similiar problem. I just backed up my computer, and then re-formatted it afterwards. Then all I had to do was log in to my MyPcBackup account and download my stuff again. It was really easy! Get your free download today
  3. Bump, just wanted an opinion on whether this is a power supply or video card issue. I am most likely going to get a new video card but I would like to be sure.
  4. I'm having exactly the same problem.

    I originally posted this is a thread they they have since closed, even though several people were having the same problem and the issue remains unsolved:

    "I have an AMD Radeon HD 6700 video card; brand new in a brand new PC and I'm getting these pink screen lock-ups (with vertical dark pink lines over a lighter pink background), not whilst watching You Tube, but frequently in games, very irritating!

    It's been doing it a lot in "Rise of Prussia", a graphically undemanding 2D strategy game that I'm currently playing."

    Since posting that the screen is now generally a blue-grey, but with the same vertical lines, and does it 2-4 times per 8 hours (a complete lock-up requiring a hard re-boot), it's driving me nuts!

    I have an ASUS motherboard as well, and it is also a brand new PC (3 months old).

    In the old thread some thought it an Nvidea problem, my and your cards are ATI family so it isn't a graphics card problem it seems.

    Can anyone help us!
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