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Hello folks I just built a new system with a Gigabyte Motherboard type X79-UD5 - Intel I7-3930 CPU - GTX-560 Ti graphics - a Samsung 60Gb SSD a Corsair watercooler and an Antec 1000 watt power supply.
When I try to turn the machine on, the fans twitch but nothing moves. I did a fair amount of troubleshooting with no luck but when checking the system I realise there is a Fan terminal that is vacant, my question is:- is there a fail-safe built in to Gigabyte boards to stop POST and Boot if there may be lack of adequate cooling due to the fan terminal being unpopulated ?
Thanks for all replies.
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  1. If that's the terminal for the CPU fan, then yes.
  2. The only fan header you really need to connect is the CPU fan. The others are optional. Did you breadboard the system before you put it in the case?
  3. Make sure you got the cpu fan and pwm fan plugs populated and re seat all your psu plugs. You may want to short the two pins for the power button to take a possible faulty power button off the table.
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