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I want to buy a graphics card for my budget is 12000INR / 200 $ ,Pls do suggest me a good graphics card for hardcore gaming of atleast 5 year because i will be using it for atleast 5 yrs,I am considering Gtx 560(non ti version),help me find the best one for me
I am providing the config. of my system

i7 3770 processor
4GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
600 watt cooler master thunder PSU
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  1. 5yrs of good performance is an impossible request, especially since you are buying from the mid-range.

    Not sure how much it will cost in India, but the HD7850 is a good option at the ~$200 price point.
  3. Whoa, easy with the caps there. I'm seeing that the GTX 560 performs better in just about every benchmark, not by much, but enough. What's the pricing on both cards?

    The reason that manofchalk recommended the 7850 is because in the states, the cheapest 7850 is the same price as the 6870. Don't be upset at him for recommending something a lot better at the same price point.
  4. Seems that in most game situations, the GTX560 is a better option.
  5. gtx 560 12500
    6870 13500
    7850 14000
    gtx 560 ti 15500

    AS PER MY RANGE IS 12000..I CAN AFFORD GTX 560..IT would be nice if anyone give suggestion to me within my price range performing better than gtx 560
  6. Well, we didn't know how much these cards would cost.
    And you said 12000INR/$200 at the start, and that generally means its equivalent to $200 USD, which is enough for a HD7850. I even mentioned in my first post that I dont know how much this stuff costs in India.

    But anyway, I digress. The 560 is the best card you can get, its closest competition (the 6870) is inferior and the next card up (560Ti or 7850) is prohibitively expensive. Not much you can do.
  7. i think wat he mean is the price of gpu he can get in his country, IMO
  8. So u refer me 7850 and 6870 over 560 it is lower to performance
  9. if you can stretch your budget to 14k the 7850 is a really good choice.. if not i see nothing wrong in getting a 6870 which is still a great card and can play all games at 1080p on high settings
  10. mitu1234 said:
    So u refer me 7850 and 6870 over 560 it is lower to performance

    No, I am saying that the 6870 has worse performance than the 560, so get the 560.
    And if you can afford it, get the 7850 because it has better performance.
  11. @ manofchalk ,So u are saying that 560 is best in my price range ,one more thing..i heard gtx660and 650 is arrived and it costs less but has more can i consider them
  12. Dont think that a 660 would cost less than a 560. Though if you can get it at an acceptable price, do it.

    And the 560 is far superior to a 650.
  13. Thanks manofchalk ..i will buy a gtx 560
  14. One last thing...Will my 600 watt cooler master thunder SPU will be good for gtx 560,i have brought it recently at 4000rs,it is 85% efficient
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    Should be fine.
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