Gtx 660 OC or hd 7950

Hello, i'm going to buy a new system in 2 hours today and i'm stuck at gpu selection again.

Initially, i picked SAPPHIRE HD7950 OC 3 GB, PCIExp, DirectX 11, DDR5, 384 bit, 950/5000 (11196-10-40G) for 355$

but now i'm thinking is it worth buying over GIGABYTE GTX660 OC Windforce 2x, 2048 MB, PCIExp, GDDR5, 192 bit, 1033/6008 Mhz which is 255$

right now i'm playing at 1680 x 1050 resolution but i'm thinking of buying a full hd monitor next month.

so what do you think? that 100$ difference will change much in gaming and engineering programming ( catia, autocad, ansys vs) wise?

i'm stranger ot overclocking and crossfire/sli business so i do not think i'm gonna do those two.
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  1. 7950 is better overclocker
  2. It depends honestly. Are any of those programs CUDA programs? If no, and you play games, then the 7950 would be the better option.

    The 660 (Non-Ti) is based on the lesser Kepler GPU GK106, while a decent mid range GPU, it doesn't stack up well against it's GK104 big brother the 660 Ti or the 7950.

    If those programs do use GPGPU features say OpenCL the 7950 definitely wins, and IMO would be the better option.

    And is this a complete system you are ordering/costumizing or building yourself?
  3. akshayghai29785 said:
    7950 is better overclocker

    Did you read the post, or just the title?

    i'm stranger ot overclocking and crossfire/sli business so i do not think i'm gonna do those two.
  4. If your not going to overclock and considering your monitor res i would save yourself some money get a 660 get the one that has the highest factory overclock though.
  5. With your resolution 7950 is overkill however if you are running CAD programs bit by bit there are more CAD programs that use OpenCL and then you can use your 7950 to it's "fullest"
  6. the price is huge you should be comparing gtx 670 or 660ti with 7950 as they are compareable not the cheaper gtx 660
  7. What did you buy?

    No 7870 oc is overkill for your resolution. The price and performance justification of the 7950 is not worth it. The 7870 oc is faster than the 660 and 660 TI.
  8. get the gigabyte gtx660 oc edition.
    its a perfect card for 1080p resolution.
    7950 is overkill. dont waste extra $100.
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