GFX card only boots in windows??


I recently changed my CPU cooler, which for some reason gave me problems with my GFX card. I have an Nvidia 250GTS, which worked perfectly fine before changing my CPU cooler.

My problem now is, everytime I turn my computer on, the screen just stays black untill it reaches the Windows 7 welcome screen, at which point everything returns to normal, and my computer works just fine. I'm able to use Photoshop, play games, surf the web, etc., and the computer doesn't crash.
The problem is, that I'm not able to enter my bios, or safe mode, or any of that stuff, because I'm never able to see the screen. I've tried pressing Delete, which on my motherboard, Asus P5Q, enters the bios, but the screen just stays black...

So, is my GFX card dead, or is there any way to solve this problem??
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  1. Try clearing the cmos with the jumper on the board.
  2. I did try clearing the cmos, it didn't help...
  3. Isn't there anyone who knows why my GFX card is suddenly acting up like this? I tried swapping it out with another older card, and it worked fine. I could access the bios and all, like I could before.
    Does this mean my GFX card is dying?
  4. It happened with me, I found out that my other monitor was set to be the primary monitor and it shown the bios loading screen on that. If you have multiple monitors, this may be the cause :D
  5. Calpol55, that sounds quite plausible, but I only have one monitor :-( And I checked, windows can only find that one monitor, so I don't think that's the problem...
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