Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 crush

new comp, had a lot of crushes till I installed MB drivers. now only crushes when i launch IE or chrome, and that only on a few selected sites that demands Flash tec.

as soon as i enter the sites screen start flicker, screen borders shifts and finally it go black and keyboard unresponsive.

I uninstalled Adobe flash player. didn't help.

CCC ver 12.8
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  1. this could be a problem with your gpu drivers.
  2. reinstalled the catalyst control center. still same problem.
  3. I asked AMD support. they say it's a conflict between the Intel HD 2000 (embedded in the CPU) and the GPU. advice to uninstall it. did what they suggested, didn't help so far. i'm going to ask them for more support.
  4. (as snachum)
    returned the computer to the store, they sent the graphic card to the importer for a replacment. it was in the warrenty period.

    I hope new card will not have same problems
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