Cloning displays with Radeon R5450

Hi Everyone

I need some help.

I have an ATI Radeon R5450 running in my pc running WinXP Pro x32
I currently have two 23'' LCD screens that i want to clone but cannot get it right.
I can however extend my display to second screen. When i try to stretch my display to the second screen my second screen switches off.
As soon as i try to clone my second display switches off!
When my PC boots the display is cloned up to the windows logo then as soon as it gets into windows my second display goes into extended mode.
My main display is an NEC 23'' connected via HDMI cable from graphics card with HDMI to DVI converter on the monitor.
Second display Samsung 23'' Wide connected via HDMI cable with HDMI to DVI converters on either side (Monitor and graphics card)
I have all the correct drivers and software installed.
What am i missing? I feel like a chop not getting this thing right!
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  1. What about getting rid of some of the adapters first? DVI-to-HDMI-to DVI? Don't you have a DVI cable?
  2. You should be able to go into the control panel and select mirror display or duplicate desktop on displays 1 and 2. I forget which it is in XP.
  3. @ noidea_77 i had it connected with DVI cable no luck so i thought i would connect with HDMI cable
    @ maestro0428 I have used the ATI catalyst software to try and clone the display but when i try to clone the second display just goes blank, it loses signal. There are 3 options for monitor setup in catalyst software:
    Extended (default) this is the only option that works
    Clone (second screen goes blank)
    Stretch screen (not exact wording machine is at my office) second monitor goes blank.
  4. First go back to the DVI cable. Second: Leave the catalyst software aside and go to the windows screen properties (right click on desktop, screen resolution). You monitors should be identified with there native resolution there. You can also see what's number 1 and number 2 there. If everything is okay there and it still doesn't work, goto extended properties and check the refresh rate (60Hz) and try a different mode, like 800*600.
  5. Hi Noidea_77 tried that no luck. Could it be a setting in Windows XP? My PC at home has an MSI VN210 512MB 64bit card (Win7 Pro) and that clones fine no prob HDMI and DVI. HDMI to my TV and DVI (DVI to VGA converter) to my 17'' CRT. Also tried HDMI and VGA Cloning no prob. Will try my card at the office and try Radeon in another PC to see what it does. Thanks for your replies :-)
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