Windows 7 computer causes my router to reboot or crash

Hi, I currently have a Netgear rangemax wnr834bv2 running ddwrt and acting as a repeater for a linksys vonage router. This setup has worked for a while to give wifi coverage to my house. I currently have 1 xp home computer on via wired connection to the linksys router, 1 xp pro computer on wired connection to the netgear router, 1 xp media center laptop on a wireless connection to whichever router is closest. Until thursday of last week, i also had 1 win7 computer connected wirelessly to the netgear router. Last thursday, for some unknown reason, i woke up to find that everytime the windows 7 computer tried to connect, the router would reboot and give the computer limited connectivity. If I rebooted the win7 computer, then i could connect, but the connection would stay active just long enough to check email, then the router would do a soft reboot and would then give limited connectivity again. Other computers connected wirelessly or wired, would simply re-establish the connection and work fine.
I chose a restore point before thursday on the win7 computer and it works, only for about 12 hours or so, then i come home and have to restore again. I have turned off active updates and i check to see if anything has been changed, but i cannot find anything.

Has anyone heard of this happening or would know what to even check. So far, i bought another router to test with just 1 new 'win 7 compatible' router and it did the same thing. i'm just stuck.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Check the Event Viewer for the appropriate time period.

    If the Restore function worked initially, then you either have something updating that causes this problem, or you have a virus like situation.

    You might try connecting the Window 7 computer to the router via a hardwired connection to see if that has any affect.
  2. hardwiring the router would do the same thing. I ended up just reinstalling win7 (not aformat/clean install, but just a quick reinstall) and it worked. I was then able to update and i have set it to manually update so i would be around when things happen and would not wake up to a computer that is doing something strange.
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