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Display random flicker problem

October 20, 2012 12:06:01 PM

recently developed an abnormal screen flicker on my display and i can't fully pin point the problem.
I've tried everything re-seating the graphics card and cleaning the slot and display port with compressed air but it still flickers.
It's not really a big black screen but more like a sharp horizontal edge across the screen and only for about a split second and its gone, doesn't happen very often only for a few intervals then its fine but it gets worse when I play games like BL2 or Skyrim. in the game standing still or opening game menus seems to trigger it but when I'm moving about doesn't happen so much.

I managed to minimize it by upping the resolution of my monitor to its recomended setting 1366x768 @ 60hz
now at least it doesn't flicker when i'm just doing normal stuff on windows but games still have a few flickering spots and gets worse as i go to high graphics areas.

Do I have a heat problem or is this more of a power issue? or is this a problem with my dvi to vga adapter i got bundled with the card?
GPU: r7770 power edition ( i love this card its a bargain and hasn't been overclocked or pushed past 57 C)
PSU: st600 cougar 600watts (only PSU available a the time)