Bad CMOS, flickering screen.

Hello, My screen always flickers when I'm asking a lot out of my PC, Planetside 2 specifically. Then sometimes it just shows a static screen and crashes. I'll have to reboot, and reset the time because my CMOS battery is dead.. could it be the battery causing this issue?
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  1. No, the CNOS battery would have nothing to do with that. The battery just keeps the realtime clock and BIOS settings refreshed. Your issue could be graphic card related or even the monitor itself. Or it could be too much crap on the PC. Try running CCleaner and see if it helps with the crashes. Have it do the Clean and the Registry both. You may have to run it more than once if your system is badly corrupted.
  2. I've already got CCleaner, and I run it regularly. So it can't be that.
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