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Display Driver has stopped responding but has successfully recovered

October 20, 2012 3:31:32 PM


I bought a Radeon HD 2600 pro AGP 256mb. I installed windows Xp and installed the drivers from the disc. But the screen freezes, goes black and comes back saying the Display driver has stopped responding but has recovered. This is getting annoying so I went to amd's website to get the latest drivers for the AGP version and I specified agp. When I run the installer, it says detecting graphics hardware then it doesn't show the display driver in the list of available stuff to install. It showed the list because I clicked custom install not express. Because this failed I had to install it from a disk but the drivers on that disc are from 2009, and I still get that same GPU stopped responding thing. Anyone know how to fix this? Also, when an older display driver was installed, somehow I got the latest install to detect it but said my drivers were up to date even though I had an old one installed. The video card only resets while playing games. Like Modern Warfare 2.

System Specs:

Athlon XP 3200+

1.5GB of RAM

450 watt power supply