WIll this video card work with this power supply?

My friend has a computer and hes looking to upgrade his video card, when the computer was originally built it wasn't intended for any mid to higher gaming, But I have a radeon 6790 video card that I previously used in my computer before I upgraded to an Msi Gtx 660.

But to get to the main point, he has a 350w power supply, I'm not sure on the motherboard, 4 gigs of memory, hes looking to upgrade to 8. a regular dvd drive, 500 gb hard drive, and a quad core Intel Core Quad CPU Q8300 2.50 GHz. and his video card is an Amd 4350.

That's about the best information I can give, Does he need to completely replace his power supply or what?

And also could you reccomend a better video card than what he has that can do some mid level gaming, if the 6790 is out of the question.
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  1. 500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended
  2. yes he will need to buy a new psu , what is the budget ?
  3. Well I was going to sell him the 6790 for $60, but if he needs a better power supply for a better card then, idk maybe a little over $100 for both a mid level gpu and psu.
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    well $100 or lil bit over will be a kinda hard to fit a psu and mid level gpu since mid level gpu's price like the hd 7850 is not going any where under $175
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