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With my taxes in 2013 I am building two rigs. One for me and one for my wife. My current system will be given to my stepson. Our employers get us our W2's very early, so we will likely be receiving the taxes by the end of January. My build will be for gaming and multimedia to be played on a HDTV. My budget is about $800-850. This is my current build:

My wife is a very light user, only using Word for writing, playing MP3s, and surfing the web/watching videos online. My budget on her system is sub $200. I have the following build here:

I do not need a hard drive for hers, I have a 500 GB external that I was using for media storage that will no longer be needed with my new system. I will be formatting it and installingit in her system. I also am not concerned with that case/PSU combo because I have an old Corsair PSU that will work fine for her and she likes that case.

Does anyone see anywhere I can shave money off on these without losing performance? Or even increase performance within my budget if needed? Also does anyone think the component prices (outside special sales) will change significantly in the next month and a half? I'd love to get a 7870 graphcs card in my system, I have considered stepping down to the i5 3450 to do this in budget. Would overclocking the CPU or a better graphics card give me more in the way of power for gaming? Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. two things, you won't get your return til June I believe. So there is no way of telling what will be available at that point. Intel's new line will be out, a lot of 8000 and 700 series will be out and you won't know how those will compare. Also your links requires to provide password and email, because you showed a secure shopping cart. Please just say that parts or at least post the links. Also, you will not want to use an external drive for your wife's pc. Many people can't get windows on it. Also the boot time for everything is going to be really slow, because the data transfer rate is slower compared to sata.
  2. I always get my return within about 3 weeks of filing. If you file online and have everything ready and do direct deposit it takes hardly any time at all. As for the external HD. I mean I'm taking it out of it's casing and putting it into her system. It is a 7200 RPM sata connection once you take out the USB connection.

    Sorry about the links, I had them marked public but they don't work. I'll post the builds:

    Processor i5 3570K 3.4 GHZ (or a i5 3450 3.1ghz if I do a 7870 graphics card)
    Mobo MSI Z77a-G45
    PSU Corsair CX 600w
    8 GB 1600 RAM (going whatever is cheapest day of purchase, right now is Transcend)
    Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 1.5TB HDD
    Graphics card Radeon 7850 on current build, 7870 if I do the lower processor or can afford at time of purchase.

    This is the case

    For my wife I have:

    AMD A4-5300 3.4 GHZ
    ASRock FM2A75m-DGS
    4 GB RAM

    This is the case

    Like I said HDD and PSU not a concern on hers.
  3. Ok, I was aware what you meant about the external hdd. What is your current build? Get rid the weaker i5 for a 7870. Also I think if you are going to wait that long you might want to just wait a few months so you can get the new cards and cpu's will be out by then.
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