Windows Zero Configuration ... keeps stopping! please help!

Im trying to fix my friends laptop for him, and Its a Dell laptop Latitude D820 with windows Xp on it.
Its pretty old.

Now the wireless card in there is Dell Wireless 1490 Dual Band WLAN

Now I go to services.msc and I locate Windows Zero Configuration. Which is set to automatic. (also I set it to manual, but that didnt help). Its always "stopped". Now when I choose to "start" the service, it starts but within 5 seconds it turns itself off.

Within those 5 secs where the service is 'ON" I can quickly click the wireless network connection scanner. It will find my network, but by the time I click on it, the service WZC will shut off.

So Im not sure what to do to keep the service turned on. (theres no other software on the machine that would be in control of the Wireless card)

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks !
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  1. miked79 said:
    theres no other software on the machine that would be in control of the Wireless card

    If that part is a definite, the wireless chip must be failing and the service is shutting down for lack of anything to do. However, my money is on another Service - Dell related - which is at odds with WZC. Go into msconfig>Services and tick to "Hide all Microsoft" then sift through what remains to find the culprit. A fairly cheap alternative would be a wireless dongle - if WZC fails on that, use the utility that came with it.

  2. Thanks for you quick reply , I however have already tried that. I believe that the card is failing aswell. I will recommend a dongle.
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