Laptop overheating while playing games, safe to continue?


>New laptop with 1GB Nvidia
>overheating while playing Battlefield
> With cooling base it is lesser but present
> Is it safe to continue?
> Will increasing RAM contribute to reducing heat due to a more capable laptop?

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  1. What is the laptop? Link?
  2. Try de-dusting your laptop's fan(s).
    Also, what temperature is your system reaching? Battlefield 3 on my laptop causes the CPU to reach much higher temperatures then the GPU, you may wish to monitor the CPU temperature aswell.
  3. Lenovo Z570, 2nd Gen i5 with 4 GB ram.

    i am really curious about the link between Heating vs1 adding RAM

    thanks folks
  4. Ram does NOT equal less heat(more sticks of ram can make more heat[chances are you are already maxed on stick count], but it is memory heat and will not effect overall system heat in any way).

    What kinds of temps are you talking about?
  5. BF3 is probably using all 4 cores of your i5 producing more heat, especially in multiplayer. Like nukemaster said, adding more RAM won't decrease your temps, if anything it has the possibility to add more, not a significant amount, but you're throwing fuel on the fire.

    Is your laptop closing the game and is the CPU throttling down because it's too hot?
  6. no, now it runs so perfectly that i am scared it's gonna fry soon. my old acer & hp laptops both had heat related problems even though there was no gaming on either. India is a hot country!

    thanks, really
  7. The only thing I can recommend is to get a can of compressed air and blow out all the vents if you haven't already done so. Also keep that thing parked on the pad cooler. Honestly, if it's not throttling down the CPU or closing the game you should be OK. Get REALTEMP and run it, see what your temps are. You're in the hottest part of the world, good luck with that lol.
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