Is this gaming setup high end for its price?

Hello everyone
i was planning on building a gaming pc but i am not quite sure if it would be up to its price. I am basically a hardcore gamer and i want to run games at ultra settings. here is my preferred build, if you guys have any opinions feel free to tell me my ears are wide open :D Oh and before i forget my budget is about 1800-2000 dollars

Gaming system
CPU intel core i7 3770k
*GPU Asus gtx direct cu top card
*Mobo gigabyte g1 sniper 3
Cpu aftermarket cooler: noctua nh d14
Ram corsair vengence ram 16gb
HDD WD 1 tb black caviar hard drive
SSD crucial 256 ssd
PSU corsair 80 plus certified gold 950w
asus Cd/dvd writer
the * items are those i am not quite sure about and please reply asap

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Switch the GTX CU graphics for HD 7970 GHZ, you will get much better performance.
  2. but i heard amd had trouble with compatibility on games like far cry 3 i dont want to be disappointed lol :P but is everything compatible with one another?
  3. Haha, you can activate a special lighting on FC3, (HOAO i think) it looks much better and performs way better on AMD cards.

    FC3 is acutally an AMD sponsored game, and HD 7970 GHZ still performs better than GTX 680 on it.

    Buutttt, if you ever get bored of FC3, an HD 7970 ghz will massive outperform GTX 680 on every new game out there.

    I will just drop this here:

    But, yea looks good to me. you need links to the part for me to determine if it fit or not.
  4. but isnt amd having trouble with there drivers recently
  5. GamingfreakxD said:
    but isnt amd having trouble with there drivers recently

    Lol, just the opposite. AMD drivers became so good that Radeon HD 7970 overtook GTX 680, and HD 7970 GHZ left GTX 680 behind and started competing with GTX 590, which is 2X GTX 580.

    HD 7950 started beating GTX 680 on some popular games like skyrim and hitman.

    The driver troubles are a long time ago. It stuck with people cause there are alot of fanboys on both side. As of now, AMD Driver=Nvidia and the GPU costs less. But, the Radeon HD 79XX series is alot more future proof than GTX 680 series due to their huge memory bandwidth meaning that they can use their memory better and is less impacted under higher resolution and high anti-aliasing.

    HD 7970's compute ability is literally twice of that of GTX 680. You can see that in sleeping dogs benchmarks where even HD 7950 left GTX 680 behind.

    If you are into overclock, HD 7970 overclocks alot better than GTX 680
  6. ah i see thanks for that quick response :D
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    No problem bro, choose whichever one you like. I see people choosing GTX 680 even though it gives the worse price/perform in that range. (even gtx 670 is better)
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