Battlefield 3 Gtx 660 TI SC

Im trying to play Battlefield 3 in 3d on resolution: 1920x1080x24hz and when it ask me to if i want to save i clik Save but when screen apply it change my resolution itself on 1920x1080@60hz wich i cant play on 3d ?

Monitor: Acer GD245HQ 3d
nVidia 3d vision ready
Graphic: gtx 660 ti sc

Any answer
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  1. i think you need to set it to 120hz for 3d. I'm not positive though as i don't have a 3d capable monitor
  2. You need a actually 120 hz monitor. Some of them might say 120 Hz, another word, but in reality it isn't. Just make sure it is, and then you'll be set :D
  3. he said it was 3d vision ready.........................
  4. and btw where do you do the save? Forceware yeah?
  5. Okay guys i found the solution. I just unplug the HDMI wich supports monitors only in 60hz, and plug the DVI-D cable and set max resolution in 3d and it works perfectly. But I prefere better HDMI cable. thnx
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