Dell gx780 not recognizing pcie graphics card.

I have Dell GX780 that will not recognize a PCIe graphics card for dual displays. The BIOS settings are correct but the PC does not show the card in the device manager. I know the card is good, it works in another GX780. Is there a setting I've missed? Any ideas?
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  1. Some older Dells from the C2Q/C2D era require you to manually switch from integrated video to the PCIe slot in BIOS. Did you have to do that?

    Does the graphics card require a separate PCIe power cable?
  2. Do you have the drivers for it?
  3. Forget my above statement. I realized you said you were not able to see the card in Device Manager. In that case, the above statement would not necessarily be valid. But it wouldn't let me edit the post.

    However, have you remembered to move your video cable from integrated video port to the new card's port?
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