Computer not detecting PCI wireless adapter?

After finally finishing my first build and everything in working order (i think), i went to update some drivers. i realized i wasn't connected to the internet i brought the 'tp link wn951n' and when i plugged it into my PCI slot it didn't get detected and it showed no sign of being detected (eg. led's didn't flash) after downloading the drivers on my laptop and transferring them to my new PC it said the device was ether unplugged or there was none in the system? any help? i just want to get this build over with and actually start using it.

Mobo: ASRock 970DE3/U3S3
GPU: AMD 7770
CPU: FX 6200 BE
OS: Windows 7 ultimate
Ram: G. Skill ripjaw 16gb

If any other specs are required just ask, thank you.
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  1. Try using it in a different PCI-E lane. Really use some force to get it seated.
  2. Defiantly all the way in and i have no other slots on my motherboard that it would fit in
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