Dual gpus on this will psu support it? any bottle necks?

Hi iwanted to add an extra graphics card to my system will my psu be enough here are the specs..im useing a 6850 gtx radeon atm im looking to get another one

Psu 600 W rosewill

Fx 6100 processer

desktop mother board

1 stick of 4gb ram

1 radeon 6850 gtx looking to sli cross fire and have 2

a CD rom im useing ..i can remove if needed

7200 rpm hd 500 g

will the psu support all of this i calculated it and it said 550 can someone do the math and give me an extimate
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  1. You are fine. While 600w isn't ussually ideal for cfx, I think it would work. My bro had to 6950's wsith a 600w for a few months. There might be a slight ram bottleneck, since the settings you will be able to play at will require more than 1gb vram.
  2. I'm not too sure about the power needs of that particular GPU, but I kind of doubt it. Does the PSU even have enough PCI cables?
  3. I would recomend at least 700 W preferably if you can squeeze in the extra 50 W then 750 W if you are going to crossfire. Be sure to get a PSU from a reputable brand, rosewill is good but the best are Seasonic, FSP, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling,and Antec.
  4. Ok so you have a power hungry cpu. But, those are less power hungry than a 6950 so you could, but it would be a very close call, you would have to undervolt everything.
  5. Do you know the model of your PSU specifically? How many amps on the 12 volt rail? The 6850 has TDP of 130 Watts. Two of them will be 260, then add the FX 6100, which is a 95 Watt chip, then throw in 50 W for everything else and you're up to 405 Watts. So you want at least 405 /12 = ~ 34 Amps on the 12 volt rail. Does your power supply provide this?

    As far as bottlenecks are concerned: At what resolution are you playing?
  6. i bought a 70 dollar rosewill 600 psu and i play at 1600 900
  7. Do you really need stonger than that card at 1600x900? That seems perfectly fine to me in all honesty
  8. Was it this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182277

    If so, you should have enough amperage to run two 6850s. At a resolution of 1600x900, you will be bottlenecked by the processor. You'll have more GPU than you need at that resolution.

    What game is giving your 6850 trouble at 1600x900??
  9. Black ops 1 it runs at 40frames average.....and other games are a little choppy....assasins creed brother hood..
  10. Well, The makers of assassin's creed aren't the best at programming for pc's, at least not for ac3, so I would assume that to be true for the others. But, I don't know if you even need another 6850. Also make sure that psu either has 4 pcie 6 pins, or molex so you can get the converters.
  11. It does
  12. well just a suggestion I think you should upgrade to a diff card instead of crossfire if the next gen is out just because 1)your psu would be stretched on crossfire and 2) crossfire has a lot of issues with some games and some driver issues in general
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