Vertically divided screen

before I say I just wanna let you know guys that my english is really short .

please consider my english . thanks

here is PC spec

GA up43-ud3L
6gb memory

and used to use GA gtx 650 but I've changed to GA HD 7870 oc few days ago

gtx 650 was fine but I wanted to play games more smooth

so I uninstalled nVidia driver and take off the 650 then put 7870 on

I booted up but screen was divided ,sorry can't describe this screen just click below link

I installed ati driver but it's unstable like when I play games visible nosie spots , crashes , driver stopped message

and blue screen , even when I click the internet suddenly blue screen shows up

when i boot it up it shows same vertically split screen after logged in windows then screen is fine

but above problems .

disassembled and reassembled... i've tried all I can

if I change cpu and motherboard it would fix this issue ?

cause i already orderd b75m and i5 3570

please give me some advise . thank you
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  1. I suspect that your new 7870 may be defective.

    The only new part is the 7870.
    All the rest were working ok.

    When you boot to bios, there is no graphics driver or os involved. Every graphics card has a basic low resolution mode that does not need any driver. Something like 640 x480.
    If you see the bad image, it has to be the card or the monitor, and we have excluded the monitor.

    One other possibility is a poor power supply.
    A GTX650 needs only 450w and one 6 pin pci-e connector.
    A 7870 needs 500 and one or two connectors(how many does your card need).
    If your psu is of poor quality, it will not deliver the wattage advertised.
    Can you test with a known good stronger psu?
  2. thank you for replying

    my PSU is 650W

    7870 needs two connectors and I connected well

    can't try cause at the moment I don't have any other PSU :(

    but I think current PSU is strong enough to deliver the wattage

    I'm assuming that MB or CPU are not matching with GPU

    or I couldn't uninstalled previous graphic driver well

    as soon as I get new MB / CPU will format and install everythings on clear OS

    I've heard that Radeon GPU has some kind of issues

    I regret buying radeon , should have bought gtx660 or 670
  3. Had u tried using low resolution mode (vga mode) in windows and see if it still had same problems...

    by pressing F8 when OS starting -> select vga mode..........

    If the problems vanish it mostly driver issue/conflict........
    If the problem presist it mostly harware issue/bad card.......
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