I have a LAN connection in my office that works with a proxy and permit to access internal links, but is restricted to access many web sites. I also have a USB internet stick that I want to use for the internet, but when I connect this stick, the LAN connection doesn`t work anymore, all my office aplications disconect. For office I use Internet Explorer with a proxy and for web sites I want to use Mozilla with no proxy configured. How can I use the two connections at the same time, without affecting my work? Is this possible? I am using WIndows 7 on my laptop.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. What's not clear here is exactly what this other USB internet stick (?) is, or is connecting to. Is this a wireless USB adapter connecting to the same office router, or perhaps some other open wifi hotspot from some other nearby office? Or maybe a cellular USB adapter connection to your own provider?

    You need to be more specific in this area because it makes a difference in how, or even whether you can, solve the problem.
  2. The USB stick is using 3G signal for the Internet, from a phone mobile provider, it`s not connecting to the office environment. When using this stick, and with the browser configured with "no proxy" I have access to all web pages, that are blocked by my office proxy. But in the same time I don`t have access to internal links.

    I want to use Internet Explorer with my office proxy using my LAN connection, and in the same time I want to use Mozzila with no proxy configured using my USB 3G stick.
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