Sli gtx 460

Hi. I am thinking of switching from my gtx260 core216 to sli gtx460s. I was wondering whether my psu could handle it? im not going to be using this one for too long so its ok if i push the psu a little but not so that it takes out my whole rig :P

here are my specs:
Intel Core2Quad Q9550 @ 3.4 Ghz
Corsair H50 liquid cooler (comes with 120mm radiator + 120mm fan)
4 Gb Patriot DDR2 800Mhz memory (ik its sad)
NZXT Tempest Case (has 4x120mm and 2x140mm fans with 3 LEDs)
1x 1Tb 7200rpm hdd + 1x 250Gb 7200rpm hdd
XFX 750i motherboard

here's my psu:

i'm planning to get 2x EVGA gtx460s with 1Gb memory

thanks :)
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  1. it can handle it but for the price of 2 460's you can get a 7870,660,or maybe even a 7950,660Ti
  2. You can run x2 GTX 460's but there's really no point in going down that road unless you already have 1 GTX 460. There are some decent single card solutions for the same price as X2 GTX 460's and they offer a better value overall. There are the Nvidia GTX 660(non-ti) priced at $209.99(newegg) and the AMD Radeon HD 7870 at $229.99(newegg.) Two GTX 460's will typically cost around $180-240 and will deliver similar performance as the cards mentioned in scenarios where less than 1GB of vRAM is needed. In situations that call for more vRAM the GTX 460's will suffer against either of those two single cards.
  3. ill get one gtx460 from evga's rma (hopefully) and im buying one for 70$ so its a pretty good deal :) btw is it ok to use the molex to 6pin adaptors? psu only has 2 pci-e ports so ill b using 4 molex connectors.
  4. Yes it's ok to use those adaptors. I've used them myself. I currently use x2 GTX 460's in sli. Got them both for $90 each. Got one last year and one this year. They are outstandingly good in sli.
  5. Ultra isn't known for making very good psus. Seasonic is the brand to go with. 650w should run those two cards though. I gotta say that I don't recommend SLI (or Crossfire for that matter), as multi card setups have issues with drivers, games not being compatible and then there is microstuttering. I would go and get the fastest single card you can afford.
  6. there is a reason that PSU has only 2 PCI power conntections; it has a weak 12 volt rail @38 for a 650 watt PSU.

    assuming it can deliver all of that each card can use ~125 watts each, just under what you have now. your cpu and the rest of your system can use 125 watts itself.
    125*33/12 is 31.25 amps or 83% of its load . . . cutting it close with a less than desirable PSU.
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    Actually I hadn't looked at that +12v rail. That is cutting it very close. I have a good quality 750w PSU myself. My PSU is made by Corsair and it has 75 amps on a single +12v rail. You should have enough power to run the cards though. I've blew a cheaply made power supply once. The PSU's specs were more than good enough to run my GPU on paper and it worked for a few months. It just worked until one day when I was playing Dead Island. It just shut off and never came back on. Power supply blew but luckily nothing went with it. After that I decided I'm never buying another cheap power supply again.
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