New High end Gaming Pc

Hello ,

Here is my Config :

Cabinet : Nzxt Phantom Full tower ( Which color should i go Black / red / White )

Processor : I5 3570k
Gpu : Gtx 670 Amp zotac ( Has great custom support in my country + 5 year warranty )
Motherboard : Azrock Extreme 4 z77
Ram : Gskill 8 Gb ram x2 ( Should i go for 16 gb stick or 8 gb stick x2 )
PSU : Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 ( U think it will be enough if i plan to go Sli in future )

Storage :
SSD : OCZ Vertex 4 256GB ( I am new to ssd want it last good life if any other brand )
WD 2tb Black
WD 1tb green ( From my old system )

Monitor :
27inch Full hd samsung 1920x1080 ( don't want to go beyond Full hd as then game requirement get heavy on GPU )

keyboard :

Mouse :
Logitech G500

Headsets :
Logitech G35 USB 2.0 Connector Surround Sound Headset

Speakers :
Logitech Z506 75 watts RMS 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

Webcam :
Logitech C310 USB 2.0 HD WebCam


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  1. Looks fine.

    The colour doesn't change anything, its a personal choice.

    You cant get 16GB sticks currently, max on a single stick is 8GB. For gaming you shouldnt need more than 8GB, so get a 2x4GB kit.

    750W is enough for dual Crossfire/SLI.
  2. Ok thanks

    I am new to SSD i plan to keep OS + Games + Frequently used apps on it . Anything else ?
  3. If your games are primarily from Steam, you have to install Steam to the HDD. Unless you employ some Command Prompt trickery, Steam requires all your game files to be inside its install folder and doesn't let you take it out of there. If you have a sizable games collection, that can quite quickly use up all your SSD space.
  4. i am going with 27inch should i worry anything about image quality being blurry which i have heard on 1920x1080 .

    Any G35 headset use how is the quality for music / Gaming / Watching movies .

    Also i plan to Overclock my i5 3570k with Coolermaster Hyper 212 how much performance will i gain in gaming and what clocks should i aim for .


  5. Image quality wont be compromised by having the large screen. Just some people think that at that physical size you should have a higher resolution, otherwise the pixels are "too big". But there shouldn't be any problems with quality.

    No idea.

    A 3570k can get to around 4.2Ghz before needing additional voltage, so aim for that unless you want to get into the gritty side of overclocking. A 212 EVO will hold that frequency fairly well.
    As for how much performance you will gain, it wont be that much really. The biggest difference will be in benchmarks.
  6. Thanks manofchalk my confidence of my build got very clear .

    Just final question u think when next gen comes out requirements of games will go very high ? Hope my system is good for atlest 4 years for high or ultra settings keeping me above 35 fps .
  7. Best answer
    Too hard to tell that far in the future, especially since the new console generation is happening fairly soon and that will (hopefully) raise the minimum standard for graphics.
    Though I suspect it will be able to maintain 35FPS, but higher than that not sure.
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