My pc crashed after 10-15mins playing graphic games

Hi guyz, Im already getting frustrated with my gaming rig. When I play games like nba2k13, ghost recon future soldier, it will freeze until it will reboot automatically.
I have finished a lot of games with this rig, crysis 2, CoD MW2 and 3, battlefield, skyrim etc, and I never had this problem, until 2 days ago, this problem happened.
when i play nba2k13, it will suddenly slow down for 1.5 sec then it will freeze then reboot.

Here are my specs.

CPU: AMD FX 4100 3.6 ghz
GPU: Sapphire AMD Radeon 6850 256bit
Motherboard: MSI 760gm p21 FX
PSU: Strike X 600watts
Chassis: Thermaltake v3 black edition, has 4 fans..

I just ran a memtest and everything is ok.. however I ran furmark burn test, then after a 10mins, it freezed but my computer recovered but a "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" message flashed on the bottom right of my screen. My GPU temp doesn't exceed beyond 80 degrees. as my cpu doesn't exceed over 60 degrees when I play. Please help me guyz. T_T

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  1. Its probably driver related. Are you running the latest driver, directly from AMD? Make sure you clean out the old one too before installing the new one.
  2. yes sir, my driver is up to date... I checked for new updates, it says that the latest driver is installed.. thanks.
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