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I recently asked my friend to build a gaming tower for me, but I'm kinda new to computer hardwares, and I need a few advise on PC GPU , RAM and Motherboard choices.

I have not set a budget for these three parts, but the whole Tower should be around $1500.

-GPU: My local store sells AMD7850 2GDDR5 for $180. If we don't consider its price, is this a good graphic card in general? does it belong to the High end graphic card or Mid range or low end? And how does it do in terms of AA/MSAA comparing to GTX660/660Ti/560 when OC'd?

-Motherboard/processor: My friend said that the -Intel z77E LGA 1155 i7-3770k Quad should be enough for games like BF3/Crysis3 at high-ultra setting. Are there any better ones at a similar price?

-RAM: will 1333Mhz DDR3 16G be enough for demanding games?

Sorry for the newby questions :) I'm still learning computer hardwares.
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  1. The video card is midrange, but better than all the other cards you listed. For your budget you should be looking at a 7970.

    If you're looking at the i7-3770k, I would suggest the i7-3820 lga2011. Much better processor and motherboard combo at an equal cost (depending on the motherboard you'd get with the 3770k).

    For the RAM, I would get 1600mhz, and 16gb is plenty enough for gaming.

    Here's a build for you. You'll play just about any game on Ultra with ease
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  3. The GPU is a very good card. If this is for gaming though, you definitely do not need an i7. An i5 will do just fine. The 3570K would be perfect.

    16Gb is also overkill.
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