Dimension 8200 AGP gfx

What do you think the best option is for an old dimension 8200 gfx card without investing much money...

I have an Asus GeForce 8600 GTS (1GB) that the fan stopped working on and overheated/shutdown several times before I figured out the problem.

I have a Jaton Radeon HD3450 (512MB) in it currently.

Would it be worth trying to find an alternate fan/cooler for the GeForce 8600 (4 or 5 tiers better than the 3450)? Or once its overheated multiple times is it going to continue to be problematic anyway?

oh...AGP only.
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  1. Seriously.
    just because we're here, doesn't mean to not do any research on your own first.


    This one can run modern games, but don't expect Ultra settings
  2. Niice. Assuming I can't look up AGP cards. ok, well. reread the post. Maybe I shoudl clarify, not much money means, the cost of a new cooler fan.

    I spent the money on a 49$ HD3450. to get by....so the budget is much less than that.

    Not going to drop 112$ into a 11yr old box.
  3. Would be nice to get advice without attitude.
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