Case Fan and motherboard question

i got a asus z68 board with i5 2500k and fractal design r3 and window 7.

the thing is i connected the fan to a fan speed controller of the fractal R3 which is located at the back of the case. so it is a pain in the ass to change the fan speed. i wonder if i can connect the fan to the motherboard and control speed through a desktop program? maybe like automatically set fan speed to max when gaming, while set to medium or low for casual use
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  1. ASUS Fan Xpert, however you can only control the CPU fans as a group and the chassis fans as a group. For better controll better to go with a fan controler. I went with the Corsair Link controling 10 fans and love it.
  2. so you cant just control the case fan independent of cpu fan without some sort of hardware?
  3. download asus fan xpert 2, and see if that is what you are looking for :)
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