GTX 690 GPU 2 acting as GPU 1 :S

Hey guys got the strangest problem having not touched anything today i have noticed a weird problem? GPU 2 is taking the full load instead of GPU 1 even on games with no SLI support GPU 2 would do all the work and GPU 1 is idle.

GTX 690 is connected on Slot 1 with a Dual DVD-I.

Its working fine no problems on that end GPU Z reports the same thing is it not worth worrying or something sinister :S?

thanks all
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  1. Don't worry about gpu 1 vs gpu 2. Lots of programs report them switched or the wrong one as primary. If gpu 1 doesn't work in SLI then you have an issue
  2. hmm, strange, but it could be a problem actually.
    I would uninstall then reinstall the vid card drivers.
    If it isn't hurting anything, well, then, its not hurting anything lol
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