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How to format system hard drive with windows 7?

i have laptop reinstalled with windows 7, it doesnt work properly, cos ram is 1GB only, i want to reinstall windows xp now, but it does not allow me to do that.
message comes that newer version is installed on this machine and it is not letting me to install windows xp.
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    whilst installing when you get to the point of it asking you where do you want to install winxp, if you just tell it c:\ then it will complain that there is already a system on there. if you tell it to format that drive, then you should be ok.

    I assume you have a winxp disk and you are inserting it into the drive and booting from it? and not trying to run xp from win7?

    have you considered buying more ram?
  2. i did both, but message comes:

    setup cannot continue because the version of windows on ur computer is newer than version on the CD.
  3. you used to be able to get to a command prompt on xp disks as a part of the setup process I think, you could do that and then format and fdisk from the command prompt.
  4. from the command prompt, (opens new black window)
    what should i write to format c: disc?
  5. If you are just going to reinstall Windows XP as a fresh install.

    Reboot your machine and make sure the CD drive is first in the boot menu. Then press a key to continue.

    When you can see the drives and drive letters which are currently in use. Delete the C: as you no longer need this, then format the drive and install Windows in the space which has been deleted from that.
  6. in the BOOT menu i have

    1. internal optical drive
    2. floppy drive (*)
    3.internal hard disk drive
    4. network

    what should i do?
  7. still internal optical drive

    are there any options when installing windows that let you get to a command prompt?
    try hitting f8 repeatedly once you have passed the 'press any key to boot from cd/dvd
  8. Internal optical drive is what you need.

    Are you able to boot up from the CD?
  9. Does this help

    BEFORE you go any further you do realise the machine will be wiped clean, everything will be gone.
  10. ok,

    after F8,

    started to load data from CD, it says windows setup, setup is loading files

    then if u want to install windows xp press enter, message comes:

    setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in ur computer. setup cannot continue...

    what a nightmare..................................
  11. Ok it seems your hard disk may be faulty.

    Is there anyway you boot up in safe mode with command prompt and using the command prompt type...

    CHKDSK -f -r
  12. thank u guys,

    found another solution.... :)

    bought 2GB ram.

    now windows 7 works properly.


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  14. better solution in the end to be honest, more secure, still supported etc.
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