Does the dg31pr motherboard support geforce 8400gs 512mb pci-e?

Hello, my computer intel dg31pr when plug into the motherboard and on the pc, there are no display. When the graphic card is take out of the motherboard, the computer is able to function properly.
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  1. I presume you are moving your monitor cable from the integrated port to the card's port, yes?

    Some older motherboards require you to manually disable integrated video in BIOS and enable the PCIe slot. You'll have to do that with the monitor plugged into the integrated port to see the display.
  2. Hi!

    I'm having exactly the same problem here, with DG31PR motherboard and 8400 GS graphics card. What I've done so far:

    - Upgrade my BIOS to latest version avaliable
    - Disabled integrated video on BIOS
    - Check if the cable is connect on proper port.
    - Tested 8400 GS on another computer - it's working fine.
    - Tested another graphic card on my computer - works fine too.

    Strange is that my computer seems not to initialize completely when I connect 8400 GS. Without it, works fine.

    Any other hints?

    Thanks a lot!
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