Need help on component upgrades for my homebuilt PC

Hello, guys. This is my first time on Tom's hardware :hello:

So, I've had this desktop for a while now. I built it on August last year and I'd like some help on upgrading some components.
Here are the specs:

CPU - Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.4Ghz
Motherboard - JW-H67M-USB3(B3) (Some unknown Chinese brand, but is still working okay)
RAM - Patriot Signature DDR3 8GB (2x 4GB) PC3-10600 (1333MHz) w/ heatshield
Storage - Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 1TB SATA 3Gb/s 7200RPM 32MB Cache
GPU - Zotac GTX 560Ti 1GB GDDR5 256 Bit
Sound Card - Onboard Realtek 8 Channel HDA Codec
Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Power Supply - Aerocool Strike X 600W (Non Modular)

Okay I'm thinking of upgrading the motherboard and graphics card. I'm an avid gamer running the latest and most hardware-demanding games on high settings so I want the PC to be futureproof for 2+ years. I'm on a budget though.

For the motherboard I'm confused on whether I should get a P67 or Z68 chipset. I heard good reviews about the ASUS LGA 1155 Motherboard P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 as it's forward compatible with Intel's Ivy Bridge CPU's.

For the graphics card I think I'll trade in my GTX 560Ti for the GTX 660Ti. Will it be compatible with the rest of my components? Keep in mind my PSU only has 600W and I will not be overclocking. I'll leave the suggestions to you guys as I am already confused myself. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)
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  1. What I think you should do personally, instead of buying a new motherboard, which isn't a good idea to buy now anyways when haswell is switching to lga 1150 socket in 5-6 months, you should instead invest in a better gpu and put the money u saved from buying a new motherboard now into upgrading from the 560ti to the 670 instead of the 660ti. 600w PSU is plenty for gtx 670 + SNB.

    Since you are a gamer and already have an i7-2600 99% of your gaming is going to be GPU limited. So upgrading your mobo with hopes of upgrading the cpu is going to give you hardly any return on the investment. Sticking with the SNB i7 and same mobo and putting the funds into the graphics card is going to give you the biggest most noticeable boost in gaming. For the forseeable future an i7-2600 will be powerful enough for gaming that you will be almost always gpu limited for a long time.

    So instead of the new mobo and a 660ti just get a 670.
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