Help Please Start Stop Continuosly on two builds for xmas

Hello, I need some help with two builds with slightly similar issues Start/Stop Continuously

Build 1
Case PC-Q03A itx
Asus P8H61-I Rev 3 (Second Hand)(
4gb DDR3 1333
Pentium G840 (Second Hand)
Stock Intel Cooler
60Gb OCZ Agility Sata III
SilversTone PSU 500w
Slimline DVD

When I power this up all that happens is that the CPU Fan on the cooler Spins for about 5 seconds and then stops, It then then does this repeatedly. The PSU fan turns continuously and doesn't stop

I checked the ram to make sure the ram was compatible and works - and it is compatible and works.
I checked the how the mounts are aligned to the motherboard - correctly
I removed all the DVD & the other drives away from the system - same thing happens
I rebuilt the system from scratch outside of the case - again the same thing happens.
Reset the board with the power off - same thing happens
took out the CMOS Battery, reset the board, put the battery back in whilst the power was off - same thing happens

I have a brand new MSI Z77-G45MA Motherboard so I thought I would try the CPU and cooler with it. The result being that the CPU fan spins continuously and looks to work Correctly.

so now I am definitely thinking that the Motherboard is duff
- Am I right ?
- Can i fix this?

Build Two
Case Fractal Design 1000
i5 3570K
Stock Cooler
8 GB DDR3 1600 Hyper Greys
64GB Crucial M4 SSD (OS)
OCT ZT 550w Modular PSU
MSI HD 6870 OC

I have bought a new motherboard and a new processor to update the Machine you can see in my signature i.e. Moving from AMD -> Intel

Before Changing over the motherboard and CPU I did not Format my (SSD OS Drive) as I could do this in the bios.

I assembled this build after trying to assemble my first build (Does this have any bearing on the motherboard i.e. I tried my pentium G840 in it before my ivy bridge i5).

I turned on this PC and the PSU continuously turns, but the Cpu fan seems to spin for a bout 10-12 secs and then stops and then repeats. I can see the light come on my DVD, my SSD and my system fans turn (but they stop when the CPU fans stops)

I also tried a using a new SSD but still no progress

I tried similar process of elimination, as in the previous build, to identify the weakest link
Its definitely not my PSU Or RAM
and I don't think its My CPU or Motherboard ?

I realise that this is a lot of detail but I have two machines to build for Xmas and I have never had this kind of issue in 5 previous builds?

Also i have no working computer at home at the moment so I'm actually think of going back to my original build.

Any Help appreciated

Best regards

CPU:Athlon II x4 620 RAM :HyperX Grey 8GBMB:ASROCK N68-GS3 UCC
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  1. Well 2 things come to mind.

    1. Sounds like you are only plugging in the 24 pin motherboard power, and not plugging in the 4/8 pin CPU power.

    2. Did you buy extra thermal paste for you CPU, since you tried swapping stuff around, you will need more thermal paste.
  2. I have built 5-6 system before and yes I did reapply thermal paste on ever Occasion.
    yes my four pin Connector was connected to the mother board along with the 24 pin on both builds.

    Does anything else come to mind?

    I have never see this happen before?
  3. Okay I'll Go through that tonight - I post any progress or lack of it (Hopefully not) tomorrow
  4. Also, test with another power supply. It's possible the power supply has partially failed and may be putting enough current out to power fans but not enough to boot up.
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