Sapphire HD 6850 temp 100c!!!

Hi guyz,

I attempt to replace my GPU's stock thermal paste with a generic silicone based thermal paste but when I finished applying and put everything in place, i opened speedfan and I noticed it rised up to 90c - 100c!!! thats so terrible and scary..

Should I buy a new branded metal based (instead of silicone) thermal paste??

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  1. There is no reason to replace the TIM on a GPU, it won't make a difference unless you change the heatsink, or or was defective and them it should be RMAed.

    Anyway, 1% chance its the paste and you used something inferior, 99% you did it wrong. Reapply it correctly
  2. Why did you attempt to replace the TIM on the gpu heatsink ? Did you have a problem with stock TIM ? Do you read the high temps after you run a gpu intensive program or after you start your PC ?
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