Mouse keyboard for ud3h z77

i have an old pc with pentium 4 and p5pe-vm asus mobo.

can i use the mouse, monitor and keyboard of the latter in my new build
with 3570k and ud3h z77 mobo (lga1155).

i saw only one port in the rear (colored purple-green in one port only) compatible with the pin plugin that i have in my older mouse and keyboard.

can i use any one of them in that port.

and i have the CRT monitor
do i need to replace all??
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    The ports are universal. The round keyboard/mouse plugs are PS/2 ports. Modern motherboard have none, one (green/purple), or 2 (green and purple). If it's a single port with the (green/purple) you can only use one or another. You can get a PS/2 to USB adapter. Usually they work pretty well.

    I believe that motherboard has a VGA port so the CRT should be fine. If not it should come with a VGA to DVI adapter.

    You should be able to use all your old stuff if you like.
  2. and monitor?
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