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Buddy of mine has some house speakers hooked up to his PC. It sounds alright, they're kinda old and junky, but still alright..

My quiestion is, can I get my cool sound card features (EAX, 6.1 3d sound) to work with my house speakers without the drivers/software hbjuodbhor whatever which would come with a set of PC speakers the were designed to work with these features..

My main goal? Play games really loud in 3d surround sound as well as rocking the block... man, that would be sweet...


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  1. Well you won't get 6.1 sound unless you have 6 speakers, subwoofer and an amplifier that can decode 6.1 sound. That would be alot to pay for pc speakers. I send a signal to my home stereo to play music and use my pc speakers for gaming. You could do 4.1 sound (which is plenty good enough for gaming). But you would need a quad channel amp or two amps. One for front and rear. So unless you want to spend alot of money. Or have a couple of old amps sitting around. You would be much better off getting a good PC speaker system like the Creative 550 soundworks 5.1 speakers ($210) or the Logitech z560 4.1 speakers. The creative is better but the Logitech only costs $140. Both prices are at newegg.

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