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Best hardware upgrade now

Last response: in Network Providers
March 13, 2005 4:54:33 PM

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Looks like time to upgrade my phone. Rogers GSM. Toronto area.
Any comments on which current models are best for reception?
Looking at Samsung X426, Motorola V220 V551.
Mostly I just need phone and occasional e-mail.
I've always like Nokia but I want something smaller that I can put on my

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June 8, 2006 6:46:58 PM

I personally used to have the X426. I never really used it for anything other than voice. I really liked it. It's a fantastic phone that has to be the most durable phone I've ever owned. It didn't have the worlds best reception, but while I had it I dropped it in puddles, down stairways, one time I was drunk at a bar and it fell on the dance floor and a few people stepped on it. Anyways it never failed once. It still works fine to this day, I ultimately bought a Motorola Razr since I got a good deal on it. My Samsung is still in use, my grandparents use it as a paygo phone.

Of the phones you talked about I'd say the x426 is the best of the bunch.