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Hello,I'm looking for a 32 bit driver for Lexmark x215 MFP for windows 8
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  1. The Lexmark X215 is not compatible with Windows 8 as there are no Windows 8 drivers available for it. Basically, that model is too old and Lexmark have decided not release any new drivers for it.
  2. And another one, let me guess the computer is new and, the lexmark printer is older.
    You see that is the problem when for example you buy a pre installed version of windows on a computer. They simply dont know what other hardware you may have and want to use with it,leaving a very large hole and disappointing result when it comes to it.

    And since it is say a Lexmark, and a few years old.

    Don`t bother to make drivers to support the device say on windows 8 OS.

    Look at this way if they don`t, you have to go and buy a new printer, say by them that does work with a windows 8 driver included if a new model.

    So they make more money don`t they ?

    Ahh don`t be fooled just one of the underhanded ticktacktoe`s hardware vendors use from time to time.
    It stinks, I know.

    Don`t buy another Lexmark snub em, and why not. It`s easier to make a driver get me.
    So why else not if for the fact stated above? makes you think does it not. Money !
  3. Try a Lexmark Universal Driver . It is always an easy solution if they don't have a driver listed. =)
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