Soyo Dragon Plus and Audigy solution!

Finally! Nightmare over!

After hours of frustration and fruitless calls to Soyo and Creative, I was able to successfully install the Audigy Platinum EX on my Soyo Dragon Plus mobo with WinXP Pro!!

The key was to use PCI slot 4 (5 works too I think, but wanted the daughter card to be below the main card). Once I did that, things worked flawlessly. Sounds a little screwy that slots 1 - 3 = no go, wish Via and Creative would get their respective acts together!

For anyone thinking they have a similar prob, my symptoms were as follows:
- When running the Creative installation CD it would get to the point where it was installing the drivers (97%) and would lock up, or
- If I tried to install them manually it would either lock up or after rebooting and logging in it would lock, or
- Sometimes I would get BSOD's at various points of installation, or
- Would run installation successfully (usually in Safe Mode) and upon reboot would not have the drivers loaded
- Inevitably, it would eventually toast my WinXP installation completely and I would start from scratch (went through that at least a dozen times)

Nevertheless, all is good once again and it has been rock solid ever since. Tried just about every other suggestion and trick before I stumbled across this and nothing worked. So hopefully, if you are in the same boat, keep that card out of PCI slots 1 - 3 and you should see success.


System info (now working!):
Lian Li PC-68 case
Soyo Dragon Plus (Bios 2BA1)
Athlon XP 1900+ (Retail HSF)
2 x 256MB Crucial Ram DDR PC2100
2 x Maxtor DiamondMax Plus D740X 60GB 7200RPM
24x 10x 40x Plextor CDRW
16x Pioneer DVD
PNY Verto GeForce3 Ti 500 w/Det 21.83
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Ex
Enermax 350W power supply
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  1. Update

    Just talked to Soyo to let them know what the solution was since they couldn't seem to figure it out during the hours of talking to them about it. The tech's reaction: "huh, that makes sense 'cause slots 4 and 5 are busmaster slots and the firewire on board the soundcard would need that."

    Well thanks for figuring that out AFTER the fact!
  2. Thank for the information. I thought all PCI slot have bus mastering.
  3. It differs by motherboard.

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  4. Hello, blkntan

    I had exactly same problem and symptoms when I was trying to install SBL live platinum 5.1. It was such a nice mare. So, I decided to use on board sound from Dragon plus instead. Maybe I should try to put the SB card on pci slot 4 or 5 and let see it will work or not.

    I totally understand your frustration about it.
  5. which slot has the busmaster on cusl2-c? does anybody know?...

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  6. Just want to update about the sb problem.
    I can get the SB to work on dragon plus after I change the location of SB's card into PCI slot 4. The installation went very smooth and completed without any problem.

    The thing is that my SB's card is Live!, not Audigy. So my SB dosen't have firewire, but why didin't work with PCI lot 1-3.

    Thank you blkntan
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