Upgraging to Stream/Youtube for Christmas

Hello - I built my PC in June of this year and I am looking to upgrade it because i got a new Job and it's almost Christmas - I will have about £500 to spend and I want to build it in order to Stream 720p and create/upload videos to Youtube. These are my current specs:
- AMD Phenom II x4 965
- HD 6950 2gb
- 8GB Corsair Vengeance
- 320GB WD HDD
- Some Motherboard that will need upgrading.
Would love 3x Monitors (already got one 23.6inch one and i have found two 1080p ones that are only £80 each on amazon! - not gonna be gaming on all three, just one but with stream and internet on others :D)
Would also like to move over to intel tbh!!! :D
Thanks, any advice is appreaciated :D
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  1. You have a pretty great system already. Not really anything that clearly needs upgrading.

    Youtube is a really low requirement app. It's mainly just internet bandwidth and your CPU can easily render 720p clips.
  2. you think so? i really want to be able to use 3 monitors tho - and i feel like my CPU, Mobo and HDD are really holding me back :D Thanks, Rob.
  3. In what way is it holding you back? What's not working well? Is there a specific game that is not getting enough fps or program that takes too long to run?

    3 monitor support is mainly a function of your graphics card having enough output ports and most 6950's should have 3.
  4. Can I run it with two on the DVi and one on Displayport? I got told all three had to be on one type of port (but not HDMI) - and yes, World of Warcraft doesn't even run on Ultra... lol.... and it should with a 6950 - so I guessed iittt was the CPU :D Also I want to overclock :D
  5. Phenom's can overclock. Your CPU in particular was notoriious for an "Easy" 4Ghz clock.

    You can run all monitors on different port types, yes. Just have to buy monitors that support those connectors.

    I am not telling you NOT to upgrade, just that you are probably not going to be able to get much better of a system for 500. If you board runs AM3+ you could look at the FX 8350 CPU, and then honestly your 6950 is about as good as any new $200 GPU out there.
  6. well, for 500 i would be able to get a new 2tb hdd, 2 new monitors, i5 3570k and a new mobo with xfire ready :D then i could upgrade to 2x6950s in the future :D
    thanks, Rob. :D
  7. You are all smiles!

    Does your motherboard take AM3+ chips? If so, I'd just get an AMD 8350. Basically on par with the i5-3570K.

    New hard drivers are quite a bit faster. SSD is faster still.
  8. Robbb - you answered your own question

    well, for 500 i would be able to get a new 2tb hdd, 2 new monitors, i5 3570k and a new mobo with xfire ready then i could upgrade to 2x6950s in the future

    GO FOR IT :)
  9. I would pickup an SSD (120/128 GB) and new monitors and call it a day. (maybe add in a 1tb/2tb storage drive, but that depends on how much space you need).

    I wouldn't expect many games to be bottle-necked by your CPU, honestly; and you could always overclock it a bit to squeeze some more life out of it. Your video card is already pretty good, two additional desktops to render won't add much burden, even while gaming.
  10. Thanks for all of the replies guys! I just feel like my CPU is holding me back haha :D but I will probably just get two monitors, a hdd/ssd and save until something i really need comes along :D
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